Lawn Maintenance Season is Here

When cutting grass along the road, make the first few passes nearest to the pavement so the clippings blow onto your yard instead of the road.  Grass clippings on the road are a hazard and visually narrow down the travel lane.

Any accumulation of debris in a ditch, even if in the right of way, is the homeowner's responsibility.  Keeping debris out of the ditch helps tremendously with stormwater drainage and prevents flooding.  


The Town of Brooks Code of Ordinances Sec 15-1.02

 It is unlawful for any person to deposit, accumulate, throw, or leave lawn or garden trash (without consent) upon the property of others, on Town property, public right of ways, or ditches along the public right of ways, streams, or within fifty feet of one's property line or within one hundred feet of another person's residence.