Permit Applications

All permits must be submitted to the Town of Brooks either in person at 961 Highway 85 Connector or via US Mail at PO Box 96, Brooks, GA 30205.

Note: Once the Town of Brooks has approved your application, # 1, 2, and 3 will require a building permit from Fayette County. 

Applicant is required to certify that he, or she, has read the Town of Brooks Zoning Ordinance before applying for a permit.

Permit Applications must be complete or it will not be reviewed.

Three copies of complete building application required. Reduced size plans are acceptable.

Two copies of the approved complete application will be returned to applicant, one for Fayette County and one for applicant's records.


Fayette County Building Permit Exemptions 2014


1. Demolition Permit Application ($50)

2. Residential Building Permit Application ($75)

3. Commercial Building Permit Application ($100)

4. Fence Permit Application ($50) 

5. Final Plat Application ($150 for first two lots) 

6. Pool Application ($50)

7. Sign Application ($50)

8. Office Storage Trailer Application ($50)

9. Variance Application ($100)

10. Annexation Rezoning Application ($250)

11. Rezoning Application ($175)

12. Conditional Use Permit Application ($175)

13. Assembly and/or Parade Permit Application