Occupational Tax/Business License

Dear Brooks Business Owner:

In order to continue to operate your business in the Town of Brooks, you must comply with the Town's Finance and Taxation Ordinance and obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License.  This requirement affects anyone who operates a business, manufactures a product, provides a service, conducts sales, etc., within the Town of Brooks.  This includes the operation of any home-based business (i.e., cake decorating, dog breeding, horse stabling/riding, etc.).  

Licenses for 2023 for current business license holders have been mailed out. The website has been updated with the 2023 Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License form for new business license applications.

The annual fee for a Business License in the Town of Brooks is Forty ($40.00) Dollars for Home-Based and Sixty ($60.00) for Commercial. The Occupational Tax Certificate is valid for a single calendar year.  

To obtain an  Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License  issued by the Town of Brooks, or have any questions regarding an Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License or whether you might be required to obtain one, please contact Lorey Spohr at Town Hall at 770-719-7666.

A) 2023 Occupational Tax Certificate Application

B) Business License Affidavits

C) Supplemental Application for Home-Based Business License